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Independent Clauses
Past Reviews

#1 Defender
          - The Lana Lang Effect EP
          - Shattered Dreams...EP
          - The Diary Truthful EP          
Almost Always
          - Be Scene, Not Heard

          - Masks of Sanity

Before Braille
          - Cattlepunching on a Jackrabbit 

Boss Tweeter
          - Disillusioned and Aware EP
A Closing Skyline
          - The Close Day of Promise

Crash Addict 
          - Anatomy of a Broken Heart EP

Dead at 22
          - Thanks for the Inspiration EP
Devices In Shift
          - 3-Song Prerelease
Donahue, Brian
          - Strangest Love
          - Schertzo EP

Falcon Five-O
          - Sampler

          - Anomie
Gravity Propulsion System
          - Poison Rays of Sound
The Jet City Fix
          - Play to Kill

Kramer's Rule
          - From the Fall

Like Clockwork
          - A Cross in the Ground
Minutes Too Far/Bristol Park
          - Aging In Oklahoma

Novi Split
          - Keep Moving

Rajiv Patel
          - Obey The Cattle!

          - You Have To Start Somewhere EP

          - What A World
The Stellas
          - Live from CBGB's & Green Door
          - On a Lake of Dead Trees
Wicked Immigrant
          - Reunion of Cynics

YourCodeNameIs: Milo
          - EP 1

Yukon Gold
          - Demo