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Independent Clauses

And You Thought Your Coffee Was Strong...

They ain't got no pickcha.

I love slow things. I am a mellow person at heart, even though I can get excited easily. I can headbang with the best of them. I can punk out when I get a chance. I can do the skank, the Mario jump, the ska walk, all of it. I just like slow things when I can hear them.

            Damezumari has done me a favor and combined my love of emo with my love of slowcore, because "Coffee Spoons and Knives" is a slow moving train that smashes through your stereo. It starts off with a rather slow, but very complex jam between the instruments, with clean guitars. A quick transition occurs, and the jam continues, but with the guitars laying a bed of distortion. The chaotic screams come in with excellence. They sound chaotic without speeding up the sound one bit, and they fit perfectly on top of the music. This continues for a while, until the screaming drops to singing, the guitars drop back to clean, the vocals fade out, and the song ends. All in less than 3 minutes.  

             I was blown away. This complete control over mood is something that only the most mature of bands can pull off! There isn't a chorus here! There isn't a lead riff! There is no repetition in the entire song! It made me stare at my computer screen in utter disbelief. It made me go and listen to their other songs to see if they were like it. They are.

I don't know what else to do now but say this: Damezumari is building slowcore screamo. I have never, ever seen any band do anything like this. You will be amazed at Damezumari. If you get them now, you will know emo gods before they made it. Damezumari is going to be famous. Listen to it here

Song: Coffee Spoons and Knives
Band: Damezumari
Album: No Hugging = No Learning
Website: http://www.magisterludi.net/damezumari
Label: Magister Ludi Records
Final Word: Listen to this...NOW.