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Independent Clauses

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Those nutty Detholz!- blacked out.

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The Dresden Dolls - S/t 
       - A voracious pop duo that will kick your butt with only piano and drums.
Bleeding Heart's Melody - Exhale Life 
       - Aspiring songwriter one-ups his last album with this triumphant statement.
Riddle of Steel - Python
       - Post-grunge in a blender- on high- with cherries involved. It looks bloody- but it's not.
Ryan's Hope - The Trials of Recession
       - Rabid punkers release beast of an album.
Grain - The Bad Years
       - Retro rockin' members of Grain produce solid album.
Underride - Necessary Evil
       - Rock that's not any heavier or any lighter than it needs to be.
The Phoenix Rising - Lullaby
       - Post-Grunge/Emo/Modern Rock amalgam that blows minds.
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