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The Stellas

A cute girl drawn in anime style.

Live From CBGB'S & Green Door

I hate it when good bands make live albums, cause live albums usually suck. No matter how good a live show is, the goods just can't get transferred into CD form. Major label and independents are in the same boat on this one...hardly anyone knows how to mix a live show.

Don't get me wrong; the Stellas have an infectious, fun live show. The female fronted power pop vibes they so blissfully exude gave me high hopes, despite previous experience with independent live albums.

This CD is actually two concerts in one, a live concert at the legendary CBGB's in NYC, and another at the sadly not-so-legendary Green Door in Oklahoma City. The better of the two is definitely Green Door, as a hometown crowd and some guest backup vocals help them out immensely. The CBGB concert is crowd-dead, and there just seems to be no energy in the band. As all the CBGB songs are doubled in the Green Door part of the CD, you should just skip the first part.

Best Element: "Just What I Needed/Da Da Da", which is the best song present.
Reason to Buy: Two new songs!!
Label: Sonic Blitz
Website: www.thestellasloveyou.com

The Green Door section is actually pretty good. The Stellas go for a harsher set of vocals than on their studio album, drifting in and out between poignant, perfect melodies and more raw moments. It's a bit odd if you're acquainted with their debut album "Music For Umbrellas", but not too bad at all for newcomers. There are two new songs, both of which sound intriguing enough that you want to repeat them. Tyson Meade, vocalist from the Chainsaw Kittens, is featured in some songs, and sadly, he doesn't fit their sound at all, except on the spectacular version of "Just What I Needed/Da Da Da" whose darker tone fits the occasional screams dropped in by Meade perfectly and induces shivers. Besides that song, he pretty much overpowers everything, and ruins the few songs he is present in. That aspect of this album is very unfortunate.

There's nothing much else to say about this. It's a very average live CD, as most of the songs stick to the way they were written. I'd personally check out the power-poppin "Music for Umbrellas" or a live show over this CD. Whichever way you do it, check out the Stellas. Their power-pop pizazz is just too good to pass up. I am rabidly awaiting their next studio album. Rabidly. They're that good.