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Independent Clauses
Boss Tweeter

Boss Tweeter rockin out in black and white.

Disillusioned and Aware EP

I'm at a loss to describe Boss Tweeter. It sounds somewhat like this: Classic Rock + Math Rock + Grunge + Guitar Rock + Emo + Blues + Surf Rock. Since I like all of these genres, I'm quickly falling in love with Boss Tweeter, although I can't tell you what genre they actually play.

They've matured substantially for this EP. They've refined their songwriting skill exponentially, improved their vocal performances, added drums to their sound, and refined their already amazing lyrics to a razors' edge since their last demo came across my desk. Case in point: Not even Radiohead can get away with raving "The point of this exercise is simply to reveal the true nature of humanity like a gunshot in your peripheral vision," as BT does in "Untitled". Boss Tweeter simply has the best lyrics in rock music today. Period. And when you put all their elements together, you get more than the sum of its parts (and those parts were pretty awesome by themselves).

They've only written two new songs for this demo ("Mistress" and "Untitled"), with the other 5 being demo songs retooled. The two new songs are undoubtedly the best songs on this album. "Mistress" is the rocker that was missing from BT's repetoire: not too fast, but not too slow...just mid-tempo rock. Both the vocals and the guitars deliver a raw, passionate feel to this, which is fantastic.

Best Element: Head-spinning lyrics.
Reason to Buy: Nobody has a more diverse, enjoyable sound than Boss Tweeter.  
Label: Program Tragic Records.
Website: http://bosstweeter.tripod.com





If "Mistress" rocked, then "Untitled" rocks harder. This is the best song BT has ever written, as it sees Ball ranting and raving a political, cryptic, prophetic poem over angular, fractured math-rock riffs. The intensity that is captured in this song is just amazing, as the guitars will pump your adrenaline, and the vocals will haunt you, especially when he screams out in anguish "Equally condemnable, equally regrettable, but either a prize nonetheless!" If you don't have at least one nightmare over that, you're just not human.

The rest of the album plays out well, as all the old songs have been retooled to fit drums and tweaked to sound better. They're very good, but the two new songs really are the jewels here. One highlight is the acoustic last track "Land of Forgotten Sun", which reminds you that remorse is still alive and well in music today.

Altogether, Boss Tweeter is one of the most talented, creative, genre-bending bands since Nirvana. They target social conscience with their lyrics, and they cater to the blurbing of America with no set genre, but they rock out like every note is their last. It's the next big thing in rock, and Boss Tweeter is pioneering it. "Disillusioned and Aware" is an amazing album, and one that will be rocking my stereo for a while. It should be rocking yours.