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Independent Clauses

Cars. Driving.

Schertzo EP

Dwine is quite an unpredictable band. While all staying within the boundaries of punk, they explore the nuances of straight punk, hard punk, synthesizer punk, and even pop-punk on this short EP. That means in the five songs on this EP, they have used four different genres. That's quite amazing- what's more amazing is that every song here rocks.
Their best is definitely synthesizer punk, as the standout track "Maybe Not" is a great slab of synth-propelled punk. They don't use the synthesizer as a ditty instrument; they actually use it to create backdrop, which is what sets them apart from other keyboard-punk bands. They play pop-punk well, as "Prozomniac" features a bouncy, jittery guitar line that leads straight into a sing-along chorus of epic proportions.

The band is a cohesive unit....it's hard to separate each sound into individual parts here, and ultimately pointless to do it. It would mean the same if I told you Dwine rocks without explaining the way the play as it would if I explained every little tiny nook and cranny of their sound. So I'll say it: Dwine rocks. Their sound is cool, and you'll like it.

Best Element: Diverse, unpredictable punk.
Genre: Punk
Label: N/a
Website: www.dwine.se