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Independent Clauses
Yukon Gold

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Shameless self-promotion is the backbone of any good indie band. I acquired this demo in a shameless self-promotion: Two guys were walking around a local venue during a TRB/Crew/Philmore/Dustin Pittsley Band Concert, presenting people with their demo, regardless of whether they wanted it or not. Ok, 'stabbing it towards them in a brash manner' is more correct. This gained them instant credibility in my book.

I popped this in the stereo, and they tried to destroy their hard earned cred right before my eyes. This is two-man power-pop from Oklahoma...which is disturbingly similar to another infamous band, The All-American Rejects.

Nevetheless, I persisted through it, and I was rewarded. Yukon Gold delivers some inspired power-pop that proudly hails from your garage, and doesn't sound the least like All-American Rejects. Ok, maybe a little.

Best Element: Peppy, happy guitars
Reason To Buy: You'll feel a lot happier after listening to this CD.
Label: N/a
Website: N/a (for info, email Yukongold777@yahoo.com)

Anyway, The vocals here are the most expendable element, but they're passable as the band makes up for it in the 'overall sound' category. The guitars are bouncy and lifting, like all good power-pop should be. In fact, with a little slicker production, "Leave Me Alone" could be the best song the Fountains of Wayne never wrote, as the guitars just inspire dancing and other random peppiness. While "Leave Me Alone" exemplifies their skill, all but two of these nine tracks have a delectable charm that adheres to you. The other two are duds. But hey, can't win em all. There are drums and bass in the mix, but in power-pop, it's the sum, not the parts, that you hear. Another fact for the "unfortunate, yet true" file.

This is a great low-fi garage rock duo. I was extremely impressed with their pop sensibilities, and overall sunshiny pop feel. This demo should get them going places, as someone is bound to notice the immense amount of radio appeal this has. I would sign them....if I were a record label....