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Independent Clauses
Contact Info

Independent Clauses (formerly known as "VRCnet" -deemed too confusing) is a zine dedicated to reviewing independent music. We started this because we want to help indies and this is the way we can do it. We will review any kind of music, but the genres we specialize in are (any form of) emo, punk, indie rock, and acoustic.  
We take both digital and hard copy submissions, but hard copy is preferred, as it will get reviewed faster. Never fear, all music submitted will be reviewed, but hard copies just get privilege. The address for hard copies:

Independent Clauses
8820 S. 75th E. Ave
Tulsa, OK 74133 USA

If you have a digital copy, place an e-mail to IndependentClauses@hotmail.com and we'll work something out. Also, you can drop us a line if you want to converse with IC for any reason at all. We're smart. We'll answer your questions....we think....