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Independent Clauses
Falcon Five-O

No art on this baby.

Falcon Five-O Sampler

Falcon Five-O is a power-pop band from Oklahoma. This state was put on the map not when the government declared it a state, but when the All-American Rejects burst forth from there. If you said that FFO sounded somewhat like AAR, you'd be right. In fact, if you said it reminded you of Fountains of Wayne or Bowling for Soup, you wouldn't be too far off either.

But Falcon Five-O takes the best of all three bands and melts them together, making something much cooler. For example, the vocals on this sampler are much more lower, stronger, and more accessible than AAR's whiny yelp, the lyrics are wittier and more inspired than Fountains of Wayne, and they can write a hook better than Bowling For Soup.

Their best song is the mildly masochistic "I Suck", which features a bright-shiny hook and a hilarious concept backed up with equally hilarious lyrics. As both of the other songs are just as enjoyable, the nearly 12 minutes of this sampler pass much too quickly. There may be no new ground here, but this is the most pristine, fun, power-pop I've heard in a long time. This has no detractors. Seriously.

Best Element: This sampler also illogically includes a biography of Patrick Swayze's life.
Reason to Buy: It's happy music, pure and unadultered.
Label: N/a
Website: www.falconfive-o.com