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Independent Clauses
Devices in Shift

This is a prerelease. No art.

3-song Prerelease

So you're walking down the street, minding your own business, thinking about some rock band. Suddenly, some kid you don't even know comes up and punches you in the face, then runs off. You're stunned, but you have enough wits to get the license plate number...until you remember that only cars have license plate numbers.


Yeah, Devices in Shift is sort've like that. It hits you hard, leaves a mark, and runs off.


The members of DiS can cram more into 3 minutes than I can cram into a suitcase. It's emo; it's hardcore; it's indie rock; it's got electronic sounds programmed into it. The guitars grab you by the throat and don't let go; the vocals hold the knife, and the bass is the man who does all the threatening... everything works together to create a fearless, powerful sound that pushes the boundaries of emo.

Best Element: Stellar songwriting and creative arrangements.

Genre: Rock with an emo bent.

Label: N/a

Website: www.devicesinshift.com

The groove on  "This Nail Needs Hammering" is so intense that I couldn't believe they've only been together for two years. The guitars are cascading and odd, the bass is thumping, the drums are caterwauling, and the vocals blister your ear drums. He doesn't even scream, and the vocals are still intimidating. It's that good.


And these three songs aren't even mastered yet.