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Independent Clauses

Welcome to Independent Clauses (formerly VRCnet). We are a monthly zine dedicated to the reviewing of unknown music, be it independent or 'signed'. We want to hear your band.


*Concert Review : Bleach - Yet again, Bleach tears up Oklahoma.
*Interview of the Month: Blue Sky Envy - See BSE's take on being a young band.
*Singles Review15 Ways to Avoid Boredom - The Inheritance, Big Brother, The Cinderleaf, One Last Thought, and more.
*Legal Media SegmentNovi Split Sampler- Listen to three songs off Novi Split's fantastic debut album "Keep Moving".
*Well, Now That You Asked...: Is Maturity Really Key? - Scott takes on Senses Fail's latest album.
*Chasing Blank Pages: A Short, Biased History of Rock - The editor wishes a history book into existence.

~Interested in Writing?~

Independent Clauses is looking for some staff members. We could use some help in singles review, CD review, concert reviewer, or news agent (compiles all the news). All spots are volunteer, but we pay in free music, free shows, and the chance to speak with your favorite indie musicians (Interviews). If you are interested in any of the positions, e-mail IndependentClauses@hotmail.com. If you are looking for any of the reviewer spots, please attach a review of some sort. Helping indie music never felt so good.

Those Crazy Detholz- blacked out.

Featured Review

The Detholz! - Who are the Detholz?!

Outer space has always been an enigma. It seems empty, endless, and full of possibilities. Thus, we’ve had television shows, books, plays, songs, albums, and even whole bands dedicated to outer space (Brave Saint Saturn). Crazy, isn’t it? Yes, you can add The Detholz! to that list of bands obsessed with space. More...

New Album Reviews:

The Dresden Dolls - S/t 
       - A voracious pop duo that will kick your butt with only piano and drums.
Bleeding Heart's Melody - Exhale Life 
       - Aspiring songwriter one-ups his last album with this triumphant statement.
Riddle of Steel - Python
       - Post-grunge in a blender- on high- with cherries involved. It looks bloody- but it's not.
Ryan's Hope - The Trials of Recession
       - Rabid punkers release beast of an album.
Grain - The Bad Years
       - Retro rockin' members of Grain produce solid album.
Underride - Necessary Evil
       - Rock that's not any heavier or any lighter than it needs to be.
The Phoenix Rising - Lullaby
       - Post-Grunge/Emo/Modern Rock amalgam that blows minds.
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