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Independent Clauses
Ryan's Hope

The Trials of Recession

        Ryan's Hope features an awesome punk feel throughout the whole CD- seemingly a mix between Blink-182 and the Ataris. "Tonight Alive" would make a great song for an Anime fight sequence, complete with Samurai Swords, sunglasses, and black leather; in a word: badass. The into to "In a Sea" was really cool, but the actual song was a bit spastic tempo-wise. It slows down towards the end of the song to balance it out, though.  The lyrics are great, and there is so much energy in these songs!
        This would be a great CD to play at a party or on a late night rendezvous with friends. Yes, this CD was great- two thumbs way, way up for Ryan's Hope.

Best Feature: In a word: Badass.

Genre: Punk

Website: www.ryanshopemusic.com

Label: Double Zero Records

-Alaina Hunt