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Independent Clauses

A hippie on a guitar. Groovy.

The Bad Years

         Grain has an eclectic 70's retro vibe that is beyond awesome. They also have a great mix of fast and mellow songs- "Understood" and "Everything You're Not" are two examples of that balance. The soulful lyrics to "Understood" are great- nothing awkward music-wise. "Everything You're Not" has a tremendous energy that makes the stereo seem too quiet, begging an increase in volume by the listener. "Jump Into the Fire" is a 'cool' song- It has an air of freedom and says "Hey, I'm going to do what I feel is real". It makes a great dance song as well.
         There isn't a bad song on "The Bad Years", and that is quite a rarity. Keep it up!

Best Feature: 70's retro vibe.

Genre: Pop-rock

Website: www.grain-music.com

Label: N/a.

- Alaina Hunt