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Independent Clauses

A girl holding a guy hostage. With a gun. Creepy.

Necessary Evil

           Underride's Necessary Evil is dark and stormy enough to be perfect "hold-a-grudge-against-the-world" music. The style and musicality of this CD is pretty consistent; it's loud, boisterous, and deserves to be listened to in the same way. And with only two remotely slow songs, this album is jam-packed with energy. Mosh pit, anyone?
          "Mach Five Child" is one of the best songs, with its catchy lyrics and electrifying sound; "Fame Whore" is cool just because of its name. Anyone in the mood to headbang till their necks snap should listen to this CD- it's definitely an original find.

Best Feature: Jam-packed with energy.

Genre: Rock

Website: www.underride.net

Label: N/a.

- Alaina Hunt