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*Emery's album "The Weak's End" has dropped! To celebrate, they put up a website: www.theweaksend.com. To navigate it, drag the shards of glass into the broken cup. Trust us, you'll be glad you knew that.  

*Kutless is preparing to drop their new album on Feb. 24! You can preorder it at
Grassroots Music or at Family Christian Bookstores. You can also hear an e-card of "Sea of Faces", or even buy a download of the first single, "Treason".  

*Mending Point is exploding onto the scene! They're touring incessantly and hitting the radio at the same time. Keep up with MP at 

*2004 is shaping up to be a banner year for
Solid State Records. Beloved, Haste The Day, Dead Poetic, Demon Hunter, and Underoath are all releasing new albums!

*A Solid State Tour is shaping up with
Norma Jean, Underoath, Beloved, Dead Poetic, and Haste the Day. No dates announced yet.

*Speaking of
Norma Jean, their vocalist Brad Norris has split with the band. Cory Putman, formerly of Eso-Charis, will be filling in until a permanent member is found.

The Stellas are currently writing material for a new album.

Starflyer 59, everyone's favorite band whose name ends in -er 59, is releasing a new album soon! "I am the Portuguese Blues" is fronted by e-card and free download of the song  "Wake Up Early". Check it out!

TobyMac is currently working on a new album.

TobyMac is also part of a compilation album that shows various christian rockers covering their favorite U2 song and donating the proceeds to U2's favorite cause, world AIDS. Pretty interesting album, check out sound clips here.  Sanctus Real, Starfield, Audio Adrenaline, Pillar and many more contribute.
*Tooth and Nail Trauma!
Bleach is breaking up, citing a desire to move on. They'll be conducting two more tours, and ending their stellar 8.5 year run in August. See their website for more details.
          - And in a not-so-peachy breakup, Further Seems Forever has seemingly imploded. The band that always had trouble with singers has been stranded by yet another, leaving FSF screwed on almost all ends. But, their third and final album will be completed, and they will retain their spot as headliners on the Tooth and Nail Tour. More details at furtherseemsforever.com.

*Bleeding Heart's Melody is finishing up their new album "Exhale Life". From what we've heard so far, it's a departure from what you've heard before from BHM. And it's a good, good departure. Hear clips at their website.

*Directpunk (
www.directpunk.com) is holding a listener-supported best-of-2003 poll! Go vote!

*Emery is finally releasing their long-hyped debut "The Weak's End" on Tooth and Nail the 27th of this month, with touring to follow! 
www.emerymusic.com will keep you up on all the hardcore emo madness. 

*Freemartin's EP "An Escape Seems Appropriate" drops Tuesday. Be sure and buy it, and check out both
www.pumpkineaterrecords.com and www.freemartin.com.  

*Tooth and Nail's Kutless is gearing up for a massive 2004, with two huge tours already in the pipes and plans to release their sophmore album "Sea of Faces". They will be conquering YOUR hometown soon. Check out
www.kutless.com for more info.  

*Formed from the ashes of amazing Iowa punk band As Advertised, Mad Generation is currently recording its debut album. 

*Evolution Promotion is looking for independent artists to promote. If you are interested in getting some promotion by this normally mainstream group, you can go to their website (
www.evolutionpromotion.com) contact klee@evolutionpromotion.com, then send a demo to: 

Evolution Promotion
24 Bartlett St.
Melrose, MA  02176
Att: Karen Lee

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