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And, in brief, the top stories of March 21 are....

*Five Blank Pages (formerly Noyz) is heading into the studio to record its debut album!

*The Juliana Theory is slowly leaking out new music! Hear and view it at their website!

*Power Pop fiends Falcon Five-O will be releasing their long-awaited sophomore LP "The Manual for Hard Living" on April 30th at the Green Door in Oklahoma City, OK!  

*Can't wait for more Crash Addict? They're heading into the studio to record a couple more tracks and make "The Anatomy of a Broken Heart" a full album instead of an EP! Can you dig?

*Speaking of the Juliana Theory, Anberlin and TJT will be heading out on tour together in the near future! Check both websites for details, as well as the Tooth and Nail website. Also appearing: Bayside and Number One Fan.
*In an update that takes way too long to link correctly, The Beautiful Mistake, Emery, Anatomy of A Ghost, and the AKA's are jumping in their tour vans and hitting the road together. Check their sites for dates.

* Ace Troubleshooter's new album hits stores March 23rd! "It's Never Enough is only two days away!!

*Those crazy hardcore heroes hercandane released their album "...could be nothing to some" Friday, March 19th! They're following up with a month of tour with Clarity Process and the Hifi Massacre.
*The Stellas have broken up! Doesn't that just suck.

*Sanctus Real is working on a new album to follow up 2002's "Say It Loud'.

*Holland (Tooth and Nail Records) recently changed their name to The Lonely Hearts.

It's falcon five-o!

Falcon Five-o...goofing off as usual.




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