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Independent Clauses
Cesare Marilungo

Float Away

No art yet.

The folky/ambient songwriter also known as Cesare Marilungo has created one heck of a song with "Balloon". This piano-driven song features minimal drumming, sparse samples, and Marilungo's deep, soothing vocals. It's the type of song that you put on when you want to go to sleep; perfectly soothing, perfectly mellow, perfectly beautiful. The lyrics are near indecipherable, but it does not matter at all. This is a blissful sound, and a very, very intriguing one. This song isn't as ambient as some get; this is very accessible. You can't dislike this song; it's just not possible. Listen to it now, or else you'll miss out on the highlight of your day: http://music.download.com/cesaremarilungo.

Song: Balloon
Album: the upcoming "Balloon" EP.
Artist: Cesare Marilungo.
Genre: Dream pop.
Website: www.cesaremarilungo.com
Bottom line: Beautiful piece, and worth having at all costs.